About Me

Not the most recent Pic, I’ll admit, but still one of my favorites.

Who I Am

I am a 38 year old recent graduate. I spent several years in college as a literature major before running off to join the Navy at 22. I spent 8 years working in electronics and computers, mostly overseas, before returning home to begin a career for the State of California as an IT Systems Analyst. During my eight years in the Navy, I pursued an Information Systems Management degree, and foolishly decided not to finish the five classes needed for my bachelor’s degree upon separating from the Navy. Instead, I chose to begin a new major, for the third time, and thus have many, many college credits that, while they do help make me a very rounded individual, do not seriously further my engineering degree.

When I am not working or playing with my adorable one year old daughter, there are several things I truly enjoy.


I am an avid home brewing enthusiast. I have been making beer for about 10 years now. I consider myself a connoisseur, much the same way that wine enthusiast view themselves. There is a rapidly expanding home brew culture that I find fascinating and I involve myself as much as I am able, which considering work and fatherhood isn’t very much at this point.

I would like to include my endeavors in beer making into my engineering degree is some fashion, possibly as a control systems project for home brewing automation. I have been tabletop designing a system in my head for some time now, and with the education I received at Sac State, I should be able to realize some eventually. Watch the blog for more…

Science Fiction

The main reason I took up the literature mantle when I was first in college is my love of science fiction and speculative fiction. I write as read and write as much as I can when I’m not otherwise occupied, and consider it crucial to who I am.


I am old school punk rocker. I play guitar and listen to loud punk music and enjoy local venues. I play an instrument, so I also enjoy talented music regardless of genre -it comes with the territory. In fact, I have dabbled in several instruments, and I play all of them loudly, badly, and with complete abandon. It’s good stuff. I highly recommend it.

Speaking of music and Science fiction, you should definitely check out one of my favorite local bands Warp 11. Science fiction, punk rock, Star Trek Р what more could you ask for? Oh yeah, they sing about sex, drugs and rock and roll. They were featured, along with several other local bands in the movie Trekkies 2. You should check that out, too.


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