Using the ATTiny85 with the Arduino Platform

Here is some cool information I found to use the ATTiny micro controller with the Arduino platform. This will most likely prove useful in the coming year as we head into our senior project.

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Theoretical Particle, perhaps…?

Check out the interesting article on the Majorana fermion particle. This particle, while being its own antiparticle has amazing potential to be used for quantum computing someday.

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US-CERT: Control Systems – Cyber Security Evaluation Tool

I am a control systems engineer in the making. I work with control systems everyday at the infrastructure layer. Part of that responsibility includes cyber security, something that is far too often overlooked in the industrial setting. My first act of sharing information is to encourage my fellow students, and even seasoned engineers, to consider how integrated everything is and engineer in some basic cybersecurity.

Check out the Department of Homeland Security website for Control Systems. They have a lot of good information as well as a downloadable tool called CSET – Cyber Security Evaluation Tool – to help harden those systems. Even if you don’t plan on working in the utility industry (read CIP – Critical Infrastructure Protection), a working knowledge of cyber security and how it relates to control systems engineering will go a long way.

US-CERT: Control Systems – Cyber Security Evaluation Tool.


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